PaperCut NG is a downloadable MPS software designed with simplicity in mind. Keep track of an unlimited number of printers, including monitoring toner levels & assigning quotas or budgets. Customize features to enforce print policies, monitor environmental impact, and minimize waste.

Going over paperwork

Embedded directly into the machine & capable of monitoring printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, PaperCut MF is like NG's big brother. It includes all features of NG, plus Find Me printing & Secure Printing Release to ensure the right documents print to the right hands.

  • Embedded software

  • Printers, multifunction devices, copiers

  • Mobile & BYOD

  • Watermark & digital signature

  • Secure print release

  • Flexible payment with pay-for-print

  • Find Me printing

What you get with PaperCut NG

What you get with PaperCut MF

  • Downloaded software

  • Printers ONLY

  • Mobile & BYOD

  • Watermark & digital signature

  • Hold/Release queue

  • Flexible payment with  pay-for-print


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