Commercial Power

Now more than ever, saving money on your office space is top priority. With everything that's going on, on top of growing your business, it can be hard to keep up with certain costs that you could be overpaying for.


 At Global Laser, we can help save you money on the electricity your company uses everyday. We find the best rates & options through our vast network of suppliers and help match buyers & sellers with the right product, solution, and rate that meets your needs.


We Analyze Your Bill

Using the information from your electricity & gas invoice, we evaluate your annual usage, rate class, and current product offering.

We generate price quotes

We use our netrowk of over 100 retail energy suppliers to present you with a variety of pricing & product offerings, including a savings analysis for your business.

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You choose supplier & term

Once we present you with your pricing options, you select the supplier, product, and term length which offers the most cost savings for your business.

You sign,

we Enroll

We send you the contract for signature, then return it to the supplier for enrollment.

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We support You

We provide full-service account support, from administrative assistance to billing inquiries. We'll work with suppliers on your behalf.


Global Laser can give you a free quote on which energy provider would be best for you. Please fill out our form HERE with the information needed, and we will get back to you with a quote soon.