Technician repairing printer

Personal, or Professional...

We offer copier and printer repair for both private businesses, and personal use. Businesses can relax as our certified technicians repair your machines on-site, while personal machines can be dropped off any time.

Basic Plan
Extended Plan

Repair Plans

  • 1 free onsite trip per month

  • Reduced rates for subsequent trips regarding initial issue

  • 3 free onsite trips per month

  • Reduced rate for up to 3 subsequent trips

Free with rentals & leases. 1 year free coverage with purchase of device.

Emergency backup device options available.

*Parts sold separately.

Device Management...

The copier is yours to use, and ours to maintain. Let us handle your...

  • Device usage, supply levels, and energy consumption

  • Toner & ink cartridges

  • Printer drums & ribbons

Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

Cleaning Services

  • Clean fuser assembly

  • Remove debris from cooling fans, document scanners, and transfer assembly

  • Surface clean all exteriors

  • Update manufacturer firmware

  • Test for functionality

  • All basic cleaning services included

  • Rejuvenate tray feed rollers, document feed rollers, and pads

  • Lube paper feed assemblies

  • Check & lube document feed hinges