Easy Temp Alert

Tauri temperature check tablets with Aurora technology

     To ensure that individuals entering a building or facility are not running a high temperature, Aurora introduces the new TAURI infrared temperature sensor. This system uses an advanced algorithm for detecting and calculating heat signatures, and alerts when a person is running a high temperature. The highly accurate auto-calibrated sensor measures within a half-degree of accuracy at a distance of 3 feet!

Three sizes to choose!

Our smallest tablet! 

Convenient to place, great for small spaces!

Our most popular size! 

Get the best of both worlds with easy viewing and set up!

Large and in charge!

Utilize the custom digital screensaver for news and ads!

Includes your choice of stand!

APS-1 adjustable pole stand with weighted base

DTM-2 desktop stand

WMT-1 wall mount

Why Tauri?

TAURI Temperature Tablets are a one of a kind, contactless heat monitoring system. 

Built in networking capabilities mean multiple devices at various access points can be monitored by a single user with Aurora's ReAx software

Custom display options give you the freedom to decide what is visible

Longwave infrared sensors make the Tauri system less susceptible to air particles, require calibration less often, and need no external accessories

Set up custom protocols to help communicate with those entering or flag a high temperature reading

Product Notice

The TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets are designed to detect temperature anomalies. It’s important to understand there are many factors, including environmental and physiological that can impact a person's surface temperature reading. Skin surface temperature vs actual core body temperature may di­ffer either way.

The TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's user guide. TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets are not intended nor designed to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to, viruses or other illnesses.

The TAURI temperature-check tablets should only be used to detect variations in surface temperature. In the event that an elevated skin temperature is detected, the subject should be advised to check temperature with an approved medical thermometer and the finding confirmed. Absence of an elevated skin temperature does not preclude a fever.

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