Managed Services

Fully Customizable Intelligent Workplace Solutions

     At GLI, we provide exactly the services you need--no forced bundling or nickel-and-diming. Whether you are looking for one-time services or interested in a fully custom maintenance plan, we are here to simplify your printing. Craft your personal Service Plan with just the maintenance your business requires! Schedule regular cleaning and preventative care, consolidate your supply orders, and add our custom repair coverage--all services fully customized to your business standards. Or choose from our Managed Print Services Package Deals for straight forward savings. 

Three Ways to Save

One-Time Fulfillment

One-time service for a great deal! Select any single service we offer, a la mode! Perfect for the small business on the go!

Package Deals

Bundle our Basic Cleaning Package with a year of Repair Coverage for big savings! Get in touch with us for more

Custom Service Plan

Choose exactly which features you want with a custom service plan! Catered to your company's specific needs

Device Management

Options: Workflow Review

On-site Assessment


Monitor device usage, error codes, supply levels, and energy consumption

Determine costs and efficiency based on location and functionality

Calculate the most beneficial solution based on print volume and hardware costs


Repair Coverage

Basic and Extended Plans

Basic-1 free trip out per month, reduced rate for subsequent trips (same issue)

Extended-3 free trips out per month, reduced rate for subsequent trips (up to 3)

Just pay for parts!

Free with rentals, leases, 1 year free coverage with purchase of device

Emergency back up device options available


Inventory Management

Consumables Supply Plan

Monitor and deliver consumable supplies including:

  • toner and ink cartridges

  • printer drums and ribbons


Cleaning Services

Basic plan, specific areas, or all over deep clean

Basic includes: 

  • cleaning fuser assembly

  • removing debris from cooling fans, document scanner, and transfer assembly

  • Surface clean all exterior

  • Update manufacturer firmware

  • Test for functionality

Deep Clean: basic plus

  • rejuvenate tray feed rollers, document feed rollers and pads

  • lube paper feed assemblies

  • check and lube document feed hinges

Package Deals

Toner Supply Plan

Free up time and storage space with our toner supply plan! We can monitor and deliver supplies as needed, without you lifting a finger. 

Fully Managed Service

Monitor devices, deliver supplies, and inventory management control; error codes, toner levels, and recycling.

Repair Coverage

Select a year of warranty and receive our repair guarantee! Includes parts and onsite labor!

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